Official Smoke Day Weather Forecast

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Phil Warren

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Thought I would put my meteorological skills to use and provide a general forecast for the US and Canada. Feel free to add to the thread or PM me with any specific concerns/questions.

Most areas of the country will see warm and dry conditions on Saturday.

Scattered showers and storms will affect the coastal Carolinas, central and southern Florida, the northern Mid Atlantic, and portions of northern Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and the Upper Midwest.

Some isolated severe weather is possible across western areas of the central and southern Plains. It will be breezy across much of the Plains as well.

The eastern Dakotas and Minnesota look to be pretty wet and windy all day.

Southern Canada looks dry and pleasant with temps in the low to mid 20C from Southwestern Ontario into southern Quebec. BC looks dry as well.

Southern Cali will enjoy cooler temps and dry conditions although the High Desert region will be windy.

The Pacific Northwest looks to be dry and pleasant.

That should pretty much cover it.
I'm at the beach... (Spring Lake, NJ) The breeze off the ocean is cold and the fog is thick. Two hours ago the Sun was out. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot & humid, but my guess is... close to the the beach it will be cool
We're expecting highs in the mid 90s here, little wind and 0% chance of rain. Gotta love early summer smokes! Much better than last winter's experiences.
Tomorrow is supposed to be hot - mid 90s. Tonight has so far given scattered showers, and winds between 20 and 30 mph at times. Praying for a goof late night/early morning!
Tomorrow,partly cloudy and hot,high 90*.
Sunday,when I'm doing my SD,partyly cloudy and high of 85*,30% chance of showers. But that's also a 70% it WON'T!
The morning started off very cloudy and foggy here. But as of 30 minutes ago, the clouds have moved on out and it's been sunny as heck! The smoker is chugging along and the day is only going to get better.

Cheers to everyone.
It rained overnight and is still raining here. No fun.

Doppler map looks like it will clear up in an hour and be great the rest of the day.
Upper 90's the next 3 days here, near St Louis, MO.

Smoking will be done on the WSM, grilling will be done on the sidewalk
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