Note of Thanks


Bill Hays

TVWBB Platinum Member

I’d just like to thank you for agreeing to participate in this Q&A. Everyone else here asked any questions I had and more. I’ve enjoyed reading all the great questions and answers over the last week.

Take care and good luck.

Bill Hays
Grand Island, NY

I'll just jump on this "Thanks" thread rather than create my own.

Last June, my wife gave birth to my Son - officially qualifying me to receive "Father's Day Gifts" - and I picked out a 22.5" Weber kettle. I had some ideas of things to grill on it, and got a few random chicken recipes off of various websites - but I certainly had no idea what that grill was capable of...

As fate would have it, I was walking through a bookstore one day later on that week and they had "Webers Big Book of Grilling" on sale there. I bought it, brought it home, and got hooked.

I've grilled at least once a week for the past year - and in the warm months, I would grill lots of times each week... From that and the stuff on Weber Nation, Real Grilling, and now Charcoal Grilling (and this forum) - I've gotten to the point where I can grill just about anything and have it come out really good.

I have since bought and given the big book of grilling to all of my kettle-owning family members and they love it too. (It's also convenient for them to be able to talk to me about specific recipes that are in the book that I've already done and give them pointers)

Thanks for your help. Keep cranking out the good books, and I'll keep buying them.
Thanks from me too, Jamie. I wasn't sure of the reception you were going to get at TVWBB, since this is mostly about barbecue and you are mostly about grilling. I couldn't be more happy with the questions, answers and enthusiasm this week.

Tonight is an all JP menu at my place. Mike's Ribeyes (using American Kobe tenderloins I found on sale!), Chipotle-Citrus Shrimp with Sour Cream Dipping Sauce, and your Balsamic grilled asparagus.

Thanks again, I'll look for you around the kettle.

Everyone should know that Jim was the one who first contacted me about being on TVWBB. I am grateful to him --- and all of you --- for the warm reception.

Rock on, charcoalers!
I hereby annoint this thread the Gratitude Thread.

I'm really struck by the fact that regular grill jockeys like me can dialogue with someone of Jamie's accomplishment. Does that happen in other areas of cooking? I wonder.

I imagine that most of us enjoy (at least secretly) a bit of status among our friends and family for producing great food off the grill and/or smoker. If they knew that people like Jamie are out there making it so accessible our status might be reduced a bit!

Your easy style and humor make this wonderful passion of ours accessible to a very wide audience. In fact, while your recipes are terrific, it is your passion that I find inspiring. You are a great Ambassador.

Keep on Grillin'!
Jamie, we have enjoyed having you share your expertise with us for the past few days. I would like to encourage you to hang around with us as a regular member of the forum as well. Thanks again!
When we first talked about the book I felt that Chris's site was a natural for you and your project. The quality of this site and the work Chris does is hard to find out on the net.

I hope book sales are brisk. Looking forward to working with you again sometime.

Jamie thanks so much for your time and knowledge.

I really like your segments on Weber Nation,and have tried alot of them-really love the apple brine turkey it was a hit this past Thanksgiving.