No meat probe graph...



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Meat probe reads and alarms work and such but it's not graphing what could be the problem?
Could a setting have a got corrupted? Before I reload everything?
I think I'd try either clearing your browser cache, or a completely different browser (maybe a private tab,) first. Possibly even a different computer/device.
@MartinB Just to confirm, you are asking about the browser interface, correct? I'm doing a cook now and the browser interface is working great, but the Android PitDroid app is not graphing (other functions working).
No, linkmeter not graphing the meat probe. Pit probe is normal.
Haven't had time to look at it again yet. Haven't looked at it on a computer or tablet normally I just look at it on my phone.
So a bit more information
It is not working on chrome on my phone
It works on Firefox on my phone
It works on chrome on my computer
It works on chrome on my tablet

so what the heck could be changed with chrome on my phone that keeps the meat probe from graphing?

It has always worked just fine until this...
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Each browser stores its own view configuration (via LocalStorage), so what I'd guess is that you tapped on the little colored square next to the meat probe name and turned off the display of that probe?
This may or may not be related. I've been having a hard time getting Linkmeter to show up on my laptop. The "LuCI - Lua Configuration Interface " shows up, and then disappears, but then nothing loads/ shows. Shows up fine on my phone, same chrome browser. Doesn't seem to matter which browser on the laptop (chrome, I.E.).