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Frank Licata

Big fan of your BBQ sauces. Use them to finish my ribs. I do not foil either but I do use water in the pan.

Question. How did you get the nick name "Famous Dave"?

Thanks for your time.
When we first started the first Famous Dave's in Hayward Wisconsin... I originally called my first bbq joint, "Diamond Dave's" as I had a diamond pinky ring which is another story about my humble beginnings growing up and I always dreamt about being rich enough to buy a diamond pinky ring. My first diamond pinky ring in 1972 cost $125 dollars and I was really proud of this little thing! But it was a big deal to me way back then. In 1979, I lost my first business and we also had to file personal bankruptcy and during these tough times... I had to pawn my ring for $100 and this was tough on me. Sometime later I bought a 3 carat diamond ring to make up for what I had to pawn! So that's in a quick nutshell where Diamond Dave's came from but then I was sued by a Diamond Dave's Taco Stand in Iowa. I went down to Iowa fully ready to buy out Diamond Dave's but after tasting his food... I decided not to even bother. So came back and as I was driving through Hayward, Wisconsin there was a road that had Dave's Boats, Dave's Guns, and Dave's Antiques... so I thought it would be cool to name my restaurant Dave's Famous Bar-B-Que Shack. Well the printer got our business cards mixed up and these read... Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que Shack and my wife said, "just leave it and the rest is history!" By the way... whenever anyone says, "Aren't you Famous Dave?" I always say... "The ribs are famous and I am just the cook!" Blessings... "Famous Dave"
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