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J Boldt

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I am 40 yrs old and weigh way more than I should, My wife and I started adding more fruits and veggies into our diet for the last month, I have seen a sustained 12 lbs weight loss. If my wife had her way she would be a vegan, I am not ever going to go there. However, I am trying to find ways to grill and do it in a healthier way. I look forward to seeing more posts on this topic in the future.
I will do a few cooks that are as healthy as possible for next week. Hopefully more members contribute and we have a week long menu.
My son is coming to visit for a couple of days while his wife if visiting her folks in California. He is following the Paleo Diet (caveman diet). Lot of proteins so it should be good for grilling. Weekend menu includes ham steak, rotisserie chicken and lamb sausage. I will post some of the recipes if they turn out to be interesting.
I would like to get into grilling more veggies and even fruit, just need a kick in the *** to make it happen. Somebody kick me.
I love to eat chicken specially in roast shape...But due to the diet and weight loosing purpose I can't eat this..
Looking for the best and doing allot of exercise for the weight loss..
Soon I will be able to eat this all..