New Smokers in The Five Cook Process

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Robert Clark

I am a student of the Five Cook Process. I used your former website for reference. I see the new website incorporates instruction for other types of cookers.

Do you primarily use the WSM for most of your cooks?

What are your favorite smokers?

What is your favorite lump and smoke wood to use?

Robert Clark

Gary Wiviott

TVWBB Member

I tend to be closely associated with the WSM, but I use a number of different smokers. At the moment I have a WSM 22, WSM 18, Charbroil offset, Weber Kettle 22 and a old model New Braunfels Bandera. I also use a a cinder block pig pit I built at my cousins The Goat King's house in Aurora, IL.

If pressed I'd say my favorite is the WSM, but I've used the Bandera extensively, to the extent I've had the vertical door rewelded and the firebox patched.

My favorite lump charcoal is Royal Oak, wood wise, depends on the type of meat and my mood. Lately I've been using a mix of oak and hickory or straight apple wood.


Dan Peter

New member
i am on cook number 4 for the second time. everything has come out really well. the first ribs were a little to dry, i left them on while waiting for my dinner guests to arrive, still good, but slightly over done. i look forward to a re-do. the 5 step process has been a great way to learn.
thanks, Dan
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