New NG Weber with a couple of interesting things


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So it only took a few weeks but this was my first rehab. I actually found a new thermocoupler so I am going to see if that works.Lots of carbon buildup so razoring the inside of the lid took forever. The outside back of the lid was yellow where the razor and simple green had a good workout.The previous owner used the smoker a lot so maybe that was why. Will keep the original grates as they fit with the smoker. Going to buy a full set of SS grates and swap out smoker for regular BBQ. Taking it down to southern BC to our property in Fernie.

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Hell of a job, looks nice!!

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That is a very sweet rig. You're right as far as the grates. Those smoker boxes were kinda useless. They just filled the inside of the grill with ashes and corroded the burner (wood ash is corrosive remember it's a main component of lye). Hopefully the thermocouple is working
The thermocoupler worked great. I was a little bit worried but it fired up no problem. this the one I found. . Aupoko Universal gas thermocoupler. Just kept looking for one to fit what I had. Once I found out Marine stoves had it I
just kept looking. I did not want a button that did not do anything.
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I'm surprised people had a hard time finding replacement thermocouples. They're very common and available from plumbing stores for $5-$10. You usually find them in gas hot water tanks and gas furnaces with standing pilots.

You can also take the piezo igniter button off of some old hot water tanks to use on a grill heh...