New Android app: PitDroid

Colin Bonstead

TVWBB Member
Yeah, it's certainly possible I broke it during the big update. I'm getting all my Android development stuff updated now so I can test it out.

Jason Abendroth

New member
I don't have access to my smoker right now, so I haven't really been using my Heatermeter. That said, I'm not sure how PitDroid could crash the Heatermeter, I'm just using the normal API calls. Maybe there's some kind of bug that's causing it to access it too frequently? I can take a look.

And Ralph, if you want a peak temp higher than 350 just change it in the settings.
I ran my HM without pitdroid this weekend and it till timed out. I think it has to do with my RPi.


New member
I had my first run with my HM and pit droid today.

It worked for 5 minutes and now nothing shows up.

Is there anything I should look for to fix this?