Never Used Stoker II Kit (5 cfm --18" WSM Adapter Probes & Bracket Combo) - $300 Firm


Hans Humphrey

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Never Used Stoker II Kit (5 cfm --18" WSM Adapter Probes & Bracket Combo) - $300 Firm

Greetings, BBQ Pitmasters Brothers & Sisters:

Selling a Never Used Stoker II Kit (5 cfm --18" WSM Adapter Probes & Bracket Combo) - $300 Firm. Why, you ask? Certainly a fair question. Read on:

* Went to Harry Soo's BBQ School out here in SoCal a few years back. Saw the Stoker II System & loved the idea. Purchased it in Dec 2015.
* Unfortunately shortly after that, real life hit. Had some health issues that combined with my already limited Tech Savvy Skills (and not much desire to learn more or keep the purchase of a different smoker/grill combo that I use primarily now (there are only 2 of us in the household, so not a high volume Pitmaster), I've decided to put this up for sale.
* Purchased from Rock's Barbeque Inc in Dec 2015, as mentioned above. They were tremendous over the phone in troubleshooting the issues I was having in hooking it up to my home WiFi. I followed their suggestions and for whatever reason, I could not get it to communicate properly.
* At their suggestion, I sent everything back to Rock's and they tested it and sent it back, assuring me the unit was working properly following their testing.
* I tried again at my home, but had the same issues in hooking it up to my WiFi/Router.
* At around this same time, I had purchased the different smoker/grill combo that I use now, making my 18" WSM pretty much a back-up unit at this point.

This is the first attempt I have ever offered up for sale on this site, so I ask for you patience if the pics I'll attach might not be dialed in just right initially.

I am firm on the $300 price, as again Rock's Barbeque has assured me the unit works fine and there are just extenuating circumstances here. If it doesn't work, you can send it back to me and I will refund the $300 -- but Shipping & Handling will be at your expense. Please understand I'm at more than $450 in on this now with the WiFi Stoker II Kit (5cfm), 18" WSM Adapter, 6 ft Food Probe Upgrade, 6 ft Pit Probe Upgrade, Bracket Combo (WiFi), Insignia Cat-6 Network Cable purchased at Best Buy plus Shipping & Receiving, etc....and have receipt(s) to prove it!

TVWBB has been terrific for me in learning to become a (hopefully) good Pitmaster over the years and I'm extremely thankful and appreciate for that, and I'm posting it exclusively on here for sale for the next couple of weeks. I'll move on to other options if there's no interest -- but it will easily save someone > $100 if they are in the market looking for one. I'm confident you will enjoy and use this for making terrific BBQ!