mysterious flaw with my weber kettle


jeff davidson

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I have a weber smoker and kettle grill (and I've recently started grilling on my weber chimney!). For the first couple of years when I was done grilling, I'd put the top on the grill, close the vents and the charcoal would stop burning so I'd have some for the next grill.

At some point, this stopped working and now the leftover charcoal turns to ash. I've looked at the top and the vents and can't figure out how oxygen is entering the kettle.

Any idea how I can identify the problem?


Mike Durso

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the leak? that is very interesting. this is a fact and actually confirmed of its possibility by Erich (the aforementioned Weber Engineer). I did a shoulder on a saturday wee hours to sunday evening. After closing the smoker down, I put the cover bank on monday morning. Monday evening i was cutting the grass so i was surprised by how warm the bowl was as i went to move it. Sure enough, everything was burning down and technically still lit.

I am not sure why your kettle stays on. check that the blades and vents are closed and snug to the surface of the bowl and lid. make sure there is nothing holding it open and the lid fits reasonably well. beyond that, i do not feel there is much you can do.

have you changed brands or amounts of fuel? that may play a role. let us know what you find.


Pat Smith

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I recently started using a couple of bags of Wicked Good Lump charcoal that I bought last fall. Whereas most other charcoals I've used, both lump and briquette, go out pretty quickly after all of the vents are shut down, the Wicked Good seems to burn longer and burn down to ash, even with the restricted air flow.


Chris Allingham

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