My WSM on Wheels.



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Ever since I put a third wheel on my 22.5" OTG, I figured the triangular brace with the wheels and a front caster would work on my 18.5" WSM.
A few weeks ago someone tossed a OTS in the dumpster at work. The bowl was toast, missing the front leg and the back legs were bent to heck. Only thing salvageable were the wheels and T-brace. The brace was pretty rusted and after cleaning with a wire wheel most of the plating was gone or pitted. I painted it with Rustoleum black hammered finish. The wheels cleaned up nice almost like new. I scrounged around my garage and found some J-bolts and 2 3/8" Shaft collars for spacers @ the wheels. I already had the caster, so total investment was just some elbow grease, and a few brews.

Slideshow Here.

Nice work, Tim!

I like that you left the hook on the front of the wire rack. Never know when you will feel the need to drag it around your yard!
Ha Ha..
I was going to cut it off, but now you got me thinking on fabin up some type of a handle so I can park it in my garage.
Thanks guys!

Thanks Drew and AJ!
AJ I added some close ups on the caster. I think it's a 3" picked up from Lowes about 3 yrs ago.
There is about a 1/2" dif in hgt from the Weber wheels on the T-brace to the caster hgt.
I used the J-hooks with additional nuts and washers to make up that difference.
As you can see, I had to set the front part of the brace off center for the caster's bolt.
Not really happy with that. But I'm workin on a fix.

Thanks Tim,
Be sure to keep us updated on that fix!
It has given me a few ideas of my own.
The one think I like on this board, is we can all share ideas, and someone can take that and make it better.

Thank you for this! Yesterday when I came home I saw a Weber triangle wheel set -- exactly what you posted -- in our buildings trash pile! My wife looked at me like I was nuts (we all know "the look"). I'll probably be putting this on next weekend.
Thank you all for your ideas.
When i civure it out ill post.
As of now i have,
18" Jumbo Joe
22" Kettle
22" WSM
18" Dyna Glo Signature
Mark Waco