My Dutch build Mini WSM

Robert McGee

TVWBB Gold Member
I have been in on the building of several Mini-WSM's. I encouraged several friends and family members with "hands-on" help. Frankly, I think the proper home built mini to be a touch better than the Weber 14.5" WSM, but that is just my opinion. At any rate, they can do a SUPERB job of smoking. The OP has done a FINE job! Congratulations!

Keep on smokin',
Dale53 :wsm:

Tim K

TVWBB All-Star
Robert, I couldn’t agree more, and for a fraction of the price. For someone just staring out or not sure if smoking meats is for them, the little mini is a perfect introduction. I just hate that the introduction of the 14.5” WSM all but killed this thread. I love my mini, and still use it often.