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Phil Perrin

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Just got back from a weeks camping just across the border into SC. It’s a very nice campground, it just needs shade!! It was HOT!!!
First night, I made some patty melts! Absolutely delicious on sourdough!
IMG_4651.jpegIMG_4653.jpegIMG_4654.jpegSome friends were moving, and having a deuce of a time with the movers, so I we watched their boys for them Monday
and most of Tuesday
Tuesday was a traditional breakfast - bacon, hash browns, eggs and pancakes


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Another standard breakfast the next day, but I added some peppers and onions to the hash browns IMG_4683.jpeg
We saw this really yummy looking Thai BBQ chicken recipe on FN. I made it the day before we left, but wanted to try it on the JJ. It turned out even better! I also griddled some tater planksIMG_4691.jpegIMG_4692.jpegIMG_4694.jpegIMG_4695.jpeg

This recipe is a keeper! I’ve already to the family that we’re having some for beercation next month!
Breakfast burritos the next morning!
Pammi used the Blackstone afterwards to make some sourdough English muffins! They were supposed to be pitas, but the didn’t puff up like they were supposed to. Still delicious!!IMG_5948.jpegIMG_5949.jpeg
For dinner, the JJ was put back into service with a half rack of baby backs! I used rub I picked up in Memphis earlier this year and some BBQ sauce from Hot Springs, AR. They got a little over done, but were still tasty!
Friday dinner, the grands came down, so we did chicken and pork chop sandwiches and hotdogs. I found a delicious marinade with olive oil, smoked paprika and garlic. Sooo good!! IMG_4704.jpeg
Our last full day there, we had turkey sliders for lunch
Yes, the rare plated pic!
There were a couple more cooks, but I didn’t get any pics
Thanks for looking everyone!!
Looks awesome........beercation.........sounds like a fun time too.....
Beercation is always fun!
And with mom and dad both getting older(mom will be 90 at the start of beercation and dad will be 94 in October), they don’t travel much anymore. So we’ve added beercation 2.0 AND 2.5!