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Dale Perry

GARY, first thanks for taking the time to answer all of us.

How do you feel about say the difference between Berkshire/Kurobuta pork and Kobe/Waygu beef compared to everyday supermarket or wholesale club meats. I have tried them myself and have sticker shock everytime I order some.


Who is Mike?

For the smoker, I can only comment on Berkshire pork shoulder and American Waygu brisket, as those are the two products I have experience with. Rich, not only in price but flavor as well. The fat content, and I am a lover of all things fatty, brings it to the edge of over-the-top (even for me), in particular waygu brisket. I enjoy them on a once in a while basis, same as I might a hot fudge sundae, but not as every day fare.

--> Here is a fun picture, a few years ago a few friends and I split a case of Waygu brisket, 18 in all.

Opps, Sorry Gary. Mike is my brother. We were talking about your book on the phone when i post my question.. Brain fart.

I tried the kurobuta ribs and honestly overcooked them. Another brain fart.

Thanks for the reply and I will be getting a copy of your book asap!
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