Maverick ET-132 Probes


Nick Cosby

I was wanting to purchase a 6 FT Food and 6 FT Smoker probe for my recently received ET-132, but can't seem to find them sold in a pack that way yet. Just them in a double pack of either 2 Foods or 2 Smokers, which makes absolutely no sense at all to me. When I do get this all said and done I won't be doing the under the lid, through the meat rack bolt, or through top vent, I'll be removing the thermometer from lid cause there's a hole there that'll fit the two probes through no problem without letting out much smoke and mounting transmitter to either handle or stand on windbreak box.
The sells probes. Last time I bought 5. They were on sale. They work for food or bbq. They also sell a waterproof probe.
We offer the 6 foot ET-732 replacement probes with your choice of smoker probes, standard food probes and hybrid food probes at our Owens BBQ website.
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I agree, this place rocks. Great service, really good prices, fast reasonably priced shipping. Great people to buy from.

This is the 3 ft "hybrid" probe... On sale quite a bit (and currently) for like $7. They also have some 6ft and some waterproof ones, etc.. But these general purpose ones for $7, with super cheap shipping, are all mot people would ever need.