Maintaining Closed Cart

Will remove bottom panel later, and post a pic and get some opinions. Thanks, again. George
There is an eastwood outlet less than an hour from here. that way I could pick it up. Spray then do primer and topcoat, if I need to go in that direction.
Yep while Fluid Film may be good stuff keep in mind it retains an oily/greasy surface. Not pleasant to look at or touch
Yeah I don’t like a residue. Will the Eastwood penetrate between adjoining metal? Which exact product should I get. I see Eastwood has tons of products
So I took out the bottom panel, and this is the extent of the rust on the underside and the side frames......What do you think is the best to do???



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I was thinking with that little amount of rust, if using one of the primers I have, Rusto Bonding Primer, and High Heat Primer in grey and the Rusto 2X in grey, if that would be enough to do the rusty areas and the whole underside with primer then roll on Black Rusto or spray the grey 2X
Use a good zinc phosphate primer and simply repaint. YOu'll be good for years as long as you don't scratch the finish putting it back together
Geez, I can tell you the chemical formula for Zinc Phosphate, but what primers is it in. Which primer of the ones I have would be better(no high heat concern), but which is better???? Rust Universal Bonding Primer, or Rusto High Heat Primer
YOu'd need to go to an automotive paint shop. Ask them there. Or buy the Eastwood spray it on, sand smooth and finish paint over it. I guess 6 of one half dozen of the other
All I can say is that grill must have been kept in a dry oven. I have never seen one in that almost perfect condition ever. Every one that I have worked one had rust all over that bottom and those clips would be trashed by now. You are blessed to have such a nice starting point.
I think I will stay with the paint/primer I have....Just picked up a Silver B with tall lid so might sell the E330 and keep the other. Will see picking it up tomorrow. I really see where you guys are coming from re: rotisserie.. Even if I do the side skewer the juices come out as it rotates on the axis in a N/S action, whereas in the E/W burners the openings in the chicken/turkey stay horizontal and the juices remain in the bird
Primed will spray tomorrow.....I guess not will be what it will be,

Picking this up soon...Might be time to sell E330 I think this is in good shape.....
Hey George, look for a Genesis 1000-5000 as the fireboxes are deeper and offer more space when doing rotisserie cooking.
This seems to be one of the deeper boxes which are good for rotisserie. I think I am getting its for a great price.....
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For preserving the cart, i plan to spray mine and wipe it down with Corrosion-x. I use it for all my guns to prevent rust and it does a superb job. There are some YouTube videos where they test it with salt water and stuff.
Can the Corrosion-X be painted or top coated. Does it come in colors, or is it a sticky type of residue. George