Made a beautiful Brisket...but melted my Weber iGrill Mini

Brian (Mass.)

Hey all,
I am in love with the Brisket bang for your buck I have been getting at my local walmart...Usually their meats are a little strange or 10% solution etc but the beef brisket is ONLY $3.46/Lb and they have usually close to 10 to choose from. People seem to prefer the smaller ones so as they cycle through you end up with 3-5 large (18" across+) USDA Choice briskets to choose from. I picked one that looked nicely marbled...
As you can see, it's nearly as wide as my oven. I had it in there warming as to room temp as I prepped because my cat will tear it open. All of my preps are a battle against my cat...

This was $45.98 for 14lbs of beef! Bonus I scored 3 angus sirloins managers specials because it was their sell by day for $9 off...$11 for 3 steaks!
I trimmed it up and it looked great. Nice directional marbling in the meat...and rub has been applied. That's my favorite boning knife that almost took the tip off my finger 3 weeks ago on the LAST trimming of the last piece of fat...swipe...OUUUCH!..all healed up and mother nature did her job, no stitches...just lots of pressure and hope.

Look at the juices pooling on this sucker...I put it on at 1am and this was about 8am when I went to add more charcoal and realized I was ALL OUT!!!....

I hit Lowes hoping for the $9.99 memorial day sale on Kingsford but they were still $19.99 for the twin pack 18.6Lb...So the next choice was the Weber briquettes which I really like...Not in stock...and that's when I was the Royal Oak Ridge charcoal for $4 a bag...snatched 2 of those to tide me over...It was a pleasant surprise, but really shot on me. I had the vents all wide open to catch the tail end of the overnight burn so when i piled the royal oak on in about an hour I was over 325f...My poor little weber iGrill mini base had melted!

It still works fine but I'm going to have to take the bent plastic off and fill it with some kind of goop/goo hardening agent...
The brisket still came out aces..and assumed it's glorious position in the pot luck row...Everyone polished off everything. We even had multiple BBQ sauces to choose from.

Cliff Bartlett

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Terrific looking job on that brisket Bryan. Sorry about your Mini base melting and of course the fingers. I've had pretty good luck with briskets from Walmart too but Costco is down to $3.59/lb. here for their Prime. Picked up a nice one the other day. That last shot is a testament to the success of your cook!


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Great looking brisket. I'd say your guests liked it a lot. Minor sacrifice to the gods of bbq (the plastic base) is worth success upon occasion.