Leaking smoke



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So I am in the middle of my first smoke. The front door has a very very small amount of smoke coming out but not much at all. Also there is a little bit of smoke coming out of the top where it meets the middle body. It's not nearly the amount that is coming out of the vent on the top, but i can see it.

Is this normal?
Tim,welcome to the world of WSM. Yes very normal. As you get a few more cooks the unit will seal on
it's own because of the gunk build up. You can try rotating the hood a bit it may seal a little better. If the door looks good and flush when cold no worries. If not a little finger manipulation should settle it out. What are you Smokin'?

I have 6 Baby Backs going right now. Laying on the couch watching football and keeping an eye on the Maverick Remote Thermometer. It's staying pretty steady. I have seen less than 10 degree swings so far and this is the first smoke.
sounds great. gotta remember these cookers are not sealed like the ceramic type.
And yet they still work amazing. Keep on q-ing
Tim...Mine leaks smoke out the lid quite a bit, more than the vent I think...lol. And out the door too. Doesn't hurt anything. I think the more important section to look for gaps would be on the charcoal bowl. An air leak there would cause temp control problems. Took me a while to figure mine was out of round. I just marked both pieces where they fit the snuggest.
Things are going fine. I took the lid off and left it off while I foiled the 6 racks. It takes a little while to do that, so I thought it would lose temp, but it didn't at all. The funny thing was once I get everything put back together the temp shot up to 317. I had to make some adjustments, but after about 15 minutes I got everything stable and it's been in between 258 and 261 for about 45 minutes now.
Tim the temp went up because the coals got a big gulp of oxygen with the lid off. I don't foil, but next time, try taking the the grates right out to foil, and keep the lid on while you do the foiling.
Well the ribs turned out pretty good for my first smoke. Everyone loved them. The only problem I ran into was the 2 of the 6 racks were way too fall off the bone after foiling. I couldn't pick them up with the tongs with out them falling apart. I will make adjustments to my foiling and next time should be perfect.

I really like this smoker and I am impressed with how long it can keep a steady temp. Thanks for everyone for all the help.