Lavalock Controller?


I can't find too much info on this one.

Anyone have one and/or thoughts? Price point seems solid.
I do not.
But, as someone that made journey to an ATC
I urge you to carefully consider what results you want, and what functionality will make you happy. Not everyone wants or needs the same.

Price point alone is a poor reason to purchase something.

Honestly, for me, going in-out when raining on long night cook , tracking mud on floor, (me and dog), was a huge reason to want remote wifi ability. Not to mention disturbing sleeping wife.

The normal wsm temperature is pretty steady . How will you.feel about controller that swings +/- 20F constantly? The parameters for good control change with temperature and smount of charcoal and ash. Being able to graphically see this and adjust is extremely beneficial.

What im saying is.....if you spend 150 and get poor functionality and control.....will you wish you spent $300 for great ?

After that..50 cfm is ridiculously huge fan, and more isnt better here.
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I can't find too much info on this one.

Anyone have one and/or thoughts? Price point seems solid.
I bought this unit recently and I am doing the maiden voyage right now. I felt it offered a good range of options for the price.

How do you guys set up your smoker with an Auto Temp Controller. I'm wondering if my old WSM isn't airtight enough.

Do you shut down the top vent half way or more?

I started it up and set the pit temp to 225 and the fan went on hard until it got up to temp, but now it is running at 240. It over shot my target by 15 degrees. There are no directions that come with the unit which is a problem.
Actually, I closed the top vent to about 50% and the unit is maintaining 225 plus or minus a degree or two now. Seems to be operating perfectly. I think I might tape up the bottom vents with high heat tape next time and see if that helps. My dampers are really loose, so I still think there is too much airflow even when they are closed.