kudos and props to HM!


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Kudos and props and an "I'm impressed!" to the HM crew.

I've gotten lazy in my 'not quite so' old age so I just ordered the 4.3 kit. It has been a LONG time (early 1980s ahem) since I've done any sort of project or design or solder work or such so I went slow.

  • The instructions on the wiki are some of the best I've seen.
  • Having done some (manual) printed circuit design and fabrication in the foggy past, the board was very nicely done. Labelling and polarities and such CLEARLY indicated, including (especially including) a lot of places where it would have been easy to put it in wrong.
  • the design is yewdummy tolerant (or at least for this dummy). Despite the labelling I did put a few things in backward, and even once got one lead of the one of capacitors in a different component hole (yeah, I have no idea how that happened). Once debugged and everything correctly installed the HM STILL came up just fine. Impressive.
  • I went ahead and bought all thermoworks probes. When I was calibrating with the stirred boiling water test the HM showed them all within 1F of each other and 212F (actually it looked like the clustering was around 213F, which for straight out of the box I'd call pretty fn good)
All in all a very nicely done project. Thank you!

Larry Naylor

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Have you used it on any cooks yet? I agree with you about the kit and instructions, but Bryan can't control our sausage fingers and grey haired eyes working on small things


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i agree with the instructions. This was the first time i've ever soldered or tackled such a project, and to be honest I've had more difficulty helping my son with some of his lego kits than the heatermeter build :)