Kohlrabi ?


Paul K

I cooked up some kohlrabi this weekend and wondered if anyone else grows/eats this vegetable? Have any recipes? I've been utilizing a 'farm to work' program that is run by a sustainable food center and each week I can pick up a large quantity of vegetables and fruits from a local farm. Kohlrabi was included this past week, but it was new to me. I boiled it and mashed with some butter, s&p. Not bad.
Being my Mom is German I ate alot of it growing up, we grew it in the garden. I just like it raw with S&P. Not much help I know...... but it's like carrots. Love them raw, but will not eat them cooked, unless you pay me alot of money, I mean alot of money.
I love kohlrabi. Used to grow the purple ones and the greens.

Kohlrabi often has a fibrous outer layer under the peel (especially if mature). You can peel then remove the fibrous layer then slice or dice. They are nice as a gratin and I like them with a little cream sauce, especially a dilled one. They are excellent braised (use a butter-sauteed mirepoix and a simple chicken stock/wine mix, slightly reduced) especially with a little diced carrot for sweetness. After the kohlrabi-carrot mix is tender, reduce the pan juices till syrupy then turn the kohlrabi in it to coat. Delicious too with Hollandaise.

Young ones can be cooked whole in the skin and mashed as you did; peel after cooking and before mashing. Butter salt and white pepper.

Good raw too, as Bryan notes.

Kohlrabi doesn't store well.