Just made a 48" Offset smoke...a question

I will place some pics up soon. The goal with it is to sell pulled pork and brisket on a bun during the many festivals and event in Kelowna, BC during the summer. True BBQ is unheard of here so it will be a smash hit!

Today is going to be my fist fire up day (just to cure the inside and test its temperature range). The fire box is 1/4 plate steel and 22" squared all the way around. My question is, will I be able to build a fire of all cherry or apple wood (which is plentiful here) wait until it burns down a bit and then close the lid? Or am I still going to have to use the all expensive briquettes? I have seen many people on TV and at competitions use exclusively wood on their large offset smokers. Is this going to make my food too smokey? How does this work?

Thanks in advance!!
Well Tyler I think you're going to have to try some different methods and judge for yourself what you like best. On my WSM when I'm doing butts I like smoke through the whole cook, but that's different than actually burning apple/cherry wood.

I assume you'll be at "Smoke on the Water" the Kelowna BBQ competition on June 20th, you should be able to get a good idea how your product goes over with the public there.

Please post your pictures, as I'm not positive I'll be able to make it out for the competition this year, but I'm usually through Kelowna 2-3 times a year so I look forward to seeing you at the various events!
How smoky depends on your ability to make a clean burning all wood fire. A fire grate is a major help in that department. Split seasoned wood on a bed of coals (on the grate) with two pieces of wood reflecting heat at one another works best.