Jewel/Osco Bone in Pork Loin 99 cents LB



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It's limit 2. They are enhanced but for that price? who cares.;)
The package comes with a loin cut into 3 roasts and 6 chops on top.
They do not remove the chine bone but they might if you ask them.
My Wife waited 30 mins for the meat cutter to make up two packages for her ( she forgot to ask them to remove the chine bone)
They won't fit in a FS large bag unless you remove the chine. I used my cleaver and it only took a few minutes.


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Thanks for the heads up. I grabbed a whole one yesterday ( by whole I mean the way Jewel receives them cryovaced) it only took the wife and I 20 min to butcher and vac into pieces we could use. Great find for a buck a pound!!!!

Timothy F. Lewis

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I miss Jewel, they went out around here thirty years ago (almost) and they had great deals, one of the best fish counters, good butchers that took time to find out what you felt like you needed. The “Presidents Choice” black cherry soda was great!