It’s SmokeFAIL official... the UPDATE! Weber refunded my money and is picking up the EX6.


I will owe up to being one of those who made some of those “littered” comments. When a product was hyped the way Weber did this one, with big name (at least in the barbecue world) “influencers” videoed for the big dog and pony show all acting wowed, I reasonably had high expectations. But when literally the majority of first reviewers mentioned stalled pellets, pellets spewing all over, non-functional app and controller and, worst of all, heavy ash and burning grease in spite of all that was promised, I think my feeling that Weber was headed for big trouble was soundly based. Then add BabyBackManiac “throwing in the towel” and apparently feeling used if not betrayed, and you have a disastrous rollout of a product quickly being labeled “unsafe.” I would still submit that a full recall or even an overall market fiasco for this product could definitely endanger Weber’s future. Gas grill sales seem to be declining and you hardly even see kettles or WSMs at major retailers. This thing is Weber’s future, at least for right now. If pellet grills prove to be a fad, maybe not forever, but my hunch is that these are where things are going like it or not. A total failure of the SmokeFire - or worse yet lawsuits and related - could IMO definitely do in Weber as a company.


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In the end, I am simply unsatisfied with the actual performance versus the advertised capabilities of the smoke fire. Weber refunded my money and is going to pick up the ex6, minus shipping costs and I am ok with that. Ash is reaching the cooking grates and beyond and honestly on a 4 hour burn I wouldn’t say it is a huge amount though I suspect on longer cooks there will likely be more at the grates as more ash accumulates in the cookbox and when the fan turns on high speed the more ash there is to blow around. On the flip side of that logic, if you have enough grease and drippings mixing with the ash it won’t blow around the pit but will be susceptible to grease fires when hot embers are ejected into the cookbox when the fan runs on high speed.

It simply isn’t the pit for me. For those who love the smokefire unit’s, congratulations and I hope it only gets better as time goes on and Weber makes the app and firmware better.

Happy smoking! I am moving on from the smokefire and back to my old trusty WSMs!!!


Not an easy decision I’m sure, as my no return date approaches I also have concerns however I’m confident I can work around most issues, we shall see.
I have a feeling a big smoker announcement is coming in a month, possible Tec Tec so maybe that will be the one for you.