Is this the redesigned charcoal grate or the "classic" ?

Dan, it is laughable that that happens with the new 22" unit. As you said, the very fact that the design team missed that is just funny...
Robert, I too received the old style charcoal grate with the new 18.5 WSM. I don't consider it a problem since the charcoal ring holds everything away from the openings.

2000 Genesis Silver A
2000 Genesis Silver B
1983 22.5 Black Kettle
New 18.5 WSM
Your charcoal ring must be a bit smaller than mine. The larger gaps at the ends of the grate are exposed at both ends of mine. It forms a gap at both ends larger than that between the rest of the grate rods.

Big deal? Not really. A few small pieces of lump falling through is nothing to cry over. For me it is more a matter of principle. I paid a 50% premium for this smoker. It was $199 last November and I paid $299 for a few redesigned amenities from the factory. I would at least like to think I got my $100 worth...
Put mine together this morning, had the same charcoal grate.
That and the door was a little out of shape (which didn't take long to make fit correctly), where the only issues I had.
I'm not worried about the grate, I'm gonna use the one they gave me.
Cool thing, took it out and fired it up for some ribs, never touched it in two hours so far, holding temps at 225 without even trying.
I'm gonna love this smoker!