"Iron Chef" of the grill.....


Rob A.

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Using the premise behind this popular show, who would you like to challenge in a grilling/smoking competition and what would you like the secret ingredient to be?
P.S. I would love to be one of the judges for an event like this.

Hey Rob,

If you let me break with the standards of the show, I'd actually like to challenge Alton Brown. I am a huge fan his show, Good Eats. It would be fascinating to see what sort of brilliant ideas he would bring to grilling/smoking. I know he likes pork -- and so do I -- so let's cook!

If you ever have a "throw down" with the immodest BOBBY, my money is on you !

Wow, interesting pick. Pork would be a great ingredient. Now, would standard Weber grilling equipment be used? Or, would you each build a grill or smoker from various odd parts like he has done in the past? Alton's show is great. It's nice to know the science behind the art.
If I had to build my own grill, the show would be longer than a Ken Burns documentary -- and a lot less informative. I'll stick with Weber equipment and improvise with the food.
In a "Throw down" I'd put my money on Jamie too - On Bobby Flay's "BBQ with Bobby Flay" all he does is travel around and interview random people who call grilling fish or other stuff for 10 minutes on an open pit "Barbecue". (10% of the people might actually BBQ, but 90% grill) I know he does other stuff too - but all that interviewing and tasting random grilled food has to dull his skills.

Bobby Flay - I'm sure he can probably grill a decent burger, but come on... He's 90% talk 10% action. Jamie could take him with one hand tied behind his back.
Why not, we are already on the topic. If Bobby did show up to challenge you to a show down, what signature dish would he challenge you on?


You are one of my best "customers" this week. I sure hope Chris picks your name for one of the books I'm giving away.

I'd like to have a Fish Taco Throwdown with Bobby. Out here in California, where great fish and vegetables are abundant, fish tacos are the new pizzas. The concept allows cooks to individualize the food really easily. It would be fun to see what Bobby brought to the concept.

Thanks, Jamie.

Did you hear that Chris? "A book for Rob in Texas!"

A fish taco throwdown would not only be great but very unique. Fish on the grill can be a great success or a huge disaster very quickly. I shy away from grilling fish, cause I have yet to make it just right. You have inspired me for another attempt at it this weekend....taco style. Thanks again!

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Are you and I related at all? You seem awfully nice and usually only my family members are this nice to me.

Jamie </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

No. I'm not nice to my family members...
I think it's a combination of two things: 1 - I respect you a lot, and love your books, and 2 - "BBQ with Bobby Flay" rubs me the wrong way, but I still watch it to catch an occasional new idea and exposure to more of the nationwide scene.