Instant Pot Chick Peas from dry

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Did this instead of using canned chick peas for my Firery Buffalo Blue Cheese Hummus .

Less salt but is it cheaper? Hell yes. Using a 2 kg bag of dried peas will give me twelve 19 oz cans of cooked. At $1 a can, thats $12. My bag cost $5. Do the math.

I usually use a 19oz can (there are 15 oz 19oz and 28 oz cans out there) of chick peas for hummus. I had the Instant Pot ("IP") so I found a source for dried peas.

I emptied the can and weighed the cooked peas and found they weighed 375 gm (I try to use only grams as it's easier when measuring and/or converting).

How many dried do I need now? Various web sites said 2x or 2.4x or 3x the amount of cooked you get from dried. Confusing so I had to experiment.

I did 125 gm (3x cooked) on the assumption I could always do more if needed. And I did need to do more.

Long story short, you need 165 gm of dry chick peas to get 375 gm of cooked peas ( = to one 19oz can) .

Now, one caveat: my bag of dried peas had a "good till" date of Mar 2019. Older (say a "good till" date of Mar 2018) beans may require more cooking time. Fresher beans take less time.

So, the method:

1) 165 gm dry peas with enough water to cover them by an inch or so. This was about 750 ml of water. You can add salt but as I try to restrict salt intake, I didn't.

2) Set the IP on manual (high pressure) for 35 minutes.

3)When done, let it de-pressurize automatically for 10 minutes then manually release the rest of the steam/pressure. Drain and use.

The resultant liquid after removing the peas (reduced a bit by "saute" feature) can be used in other dishes. Google for "aquafaba" .

Here's one Vegetarians find this water useful (would you believe chocolate mousse ? )
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I have a 1# (?) bag of chickpeas I just picked up -looking forward to trying them.

Len Dennis

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I have a 1# (?) bag of chickpeas I just picked up -looking forward to trying them.
5.8 oz of beans (but it's easier in grams) for the 19 oz can of beans Clint and ~ 3 cups of water. I do use filtered water so there is none of that nasty chlorine in my finished product.
Will give this a try.

I've been making hummus from the Milk Street recipe on a regular basis, but it takes planning ahead to soak dried beans 12 hours and then simmer in a large pot for 45 mins to an hour.

Milk Street (the new Christopher Kimball venture) found that smaller chickpeas worked best, and the 365 brand chickpeas from Whole Foods were perfect. They also added a tiny amount of baking soda to the cooking water to help soften them up.

Next time, I'll experiment with speeding things up using the Instant Pot.

Len Dennis

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Works every time :D Save the aquafaba (the water they cook in) to mix 2-3-4T back into the mix when processing.