Inexpensive cuts....


Rob A.

TVWBB Member
Yes, we all love prime rib, filet mignon, tenderloin, etc. What would you say is one of the more versatile and inexpensive cuts of beef and pork and what's your method of preparing them. In my area, 7-Bone steaks are quite popular as an inexpensive cut and every butcher has his own way of marinading them for the customer. These are great when feeding a big crowd.

Great question, Rob. We should always remember that the cheaper cuts may be tougher but usually they are much more flavorful than the expensive cuts. My favorites on a cow are the skirt steaks and flank steaks. I like to treat those cuts to a bath in soy sauce, chopped onions, lemon juice, canola oil, brown sugar, garlic, and allspice. I learned this marinade from my father-in-law, who has lived most of life in Guam. That tropical island has a long and proud barbecue tradition that draws from Japanese, Filipino, and US influences. The specific amounts are in “Weber’s Real Grilling.” It’s called the Pacific Rim marinade.

As for pork, I’m a big fan of the “blade steaks” cut from the shoulder. They are a little chewy but that’s fine, especially if you season them aggressively with Mexican spices, grill them, and then chop them finely for Mexican pork tacos. Love it!