I'm sensing a pattern here


Scott Shimano

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In your blog write up (Parts VII and VIII) you write "I glimpsed to my left and saw Ted Allen standing handsomely looking at us. He smiled and I thought, “He’s even better looking in real life”." Then, during the televised episode you let us know the many ways in which Harry is sexy (might be a first having one contestant on Chopped referring to another as sexy :D ). I personally believe that both Harry and Ted conspired against you to distract you from the task at hand, and thereby ensure your ultimate departure.

Due to this, I intend on creating an online petition to demand that Food Network bring you back as a returning competitor, and continue to do so until you ultimately win, no matter how many times you must appear on national television until that is accomplished




Ok, you can stop banging your head on the wall - I wouldn't do that to you.

What I want to know is how many takes were needed to film your interview comments at the beginning of the episode. I can't remember anything specifically about what you said, but I remember thinking "that sounds good". Would you also be willing to transcribe them here so I can use them as a daily mantra?
I don't exactly remember but I do recall messing up more than I wanted to mess up. I thanked the assistant for her patience because she helped me so much. All of them did. If it appeared smooth, then the praise should be given to the producers and editors, rather than me. That's for sure
For instance, I had to recall in the past what happened on the set but state the phrases in the present which was challenging.
A lot of interviews were conducted in the 20 hour shoot-day so after a while you don't remember what you said. Thankfully, through the magic of post production, we ended sounding coherent when Episode 3 aired. Many hours of footage distilled into a hour long show.