iGrill 3 adapted to older gas Weber?



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Hi all,

A relative had given me an iGrill 3 setup, new-in-box, because they had bought it thinking it would work for an older Genesis grill.

I too have an older Genesis grill which doesn't have the mounting point for the iGrill system, but when I look at what's in the box, it doesn't seem there is anything specific to the Genesis II or Spirit II that it's designed for, other than a way to mount it.

Has anyone found a way to retrofit the iGrill 3 to mount to an older gas grill? Specifically a 2013 Genesis S330.

I have other means for temperature monitoring if needed, but I thought it might be cool to adapt this since I have it (plus it works with phone while my other monitors have their own receiver device).

I have not heard of that being attempted before, but I am in to see what you wind up doing with it.
I found a 3D printed mount (would keep it external to the grill):

And one example where someone cut in to their grill to accomplish:

Think I may see if I can find a decent size ABS project box and make something stand-alone that I can use.