Identifying Year Of Weber Grills From Serial Numbers


Chris Allingham

Staff member
I've had reports from owners in Germany and The Netherlands of Genesis II EP-335 with GBS and Spirit E-330 Premium with GBS grills with VW date codes on grills purchased in 2020. Also, another EP-335 in Germany with a VG date code for a grill purchased in 2021.

It's got me rethinking GIVEJOYNUW. says these are valid codes: GE, GI, GJ, GN, GO, GU, GV, GY, VW, and VG.

I think it's actually GVIEJOYNUW. That fits with the reports I've been hearing about for VW and VG grills. So 2022 grills should be VV and 2023 grills should be VI.
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