I cooked on four grills today...



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Two boneless skinless chicken breasts cooked on the E330 for a family member who doesn't enjoy smoked chicken.

And no pics 😂
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And two dozen pig shots, a last minute why not?

I got really busy juggling the end game of the ribs, pig shot prep and cooking the chicken I took very few pics.

But it was tasty food and everyone had lunch for tomorrow.


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You've been a busy man and it all looks great.
Guessing it's still too early in the year for a partridge in a pear tree :)


It was worth it. This was the first time we've all been together since Feb 2020.

The only thing missing was a couple of yard birds spinning on the 1000.

my pit boss pellet pooper has not been holding temps well so I had to futz with it. It may be time to say good bye to it. That added some un-needed stress. the whole point of a pellet is to set it and forget it. I was getting good smoke, for the first few hours, but when I foil wrapped the ribs I could not get a stable temp. It either fell below 200 or went up to 300. Had I known it was not going to behave I would have finished the ribs on the gas grill or in the oven.

Or, I could have pulled the pork butts off the BGE, foil wrap them and finish them in the electric oven, and had the BGE entirely for ribs.

I'm really enjoying the 22 inch kettle. I've only had it a few weeks I'm loving the vortex with lump in it.

And, I think I've found a way to make the "pig shots" a lot easier. If that works out I'll post it.


Great job, Dan! Even the leftovers look good. Totally understand the lack of pics when things get busy.
I did a cook this week and used three different Webers. Ribs on the WSM, peachy beans on the Performer and biscuits in the Genesis II. It was fun having them all going at the same time.