How Smoke Day became Pie Fest at my house

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Our Smoke Day celebration has grown through the years, I think I started with only family on SD-II and invited a few guests the next year. By SD-VI the event was huge and my wife's pies became the main event.


She made 45 different pies that year. Last year we were in AZ and missed the celebration. My wife said she'll scale back to 30 this year. I expect to see more.
II'm gaining weight just looking (or, should I say oogling desireously) at those pics!

I remember trying one of her "creations" last year at "Brat-Fest" - something with chocolate and chili peppers adapted from a Pecan Pie.

It sounded down-right bizarre, but was really DEE-LISH!
Ron (& John) you are welcome to stop by this Saturday. Things begins a 2:00.

John - Did you leave the cheese knife at Brat Fest? We still have it.
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I can be there in 6 hours, 5 if I hurry!!! </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
Oops. I will be more like 2 or 3 days John. The party is in Wisconsin this year. Sorry.

I took one for the team and am eating a slice of the Mexican Apple Pie right now. The recipe looks fairly standard except for the use of Mexican brown sugar (piloncillo) and some orange zest.

It is slightly different from most apple pies, mostly from the sugar being a little less sweet. It is an excellent apple pie.

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