How many kettles were harmed, or chimney starters used...


Ryan Gardner

This is kind of an offbeat question you may not even know the answer to, but I'll ask anyway:

First - that kettles shown on pages 15, 16, and 19 of Charcoal Grilling (perhaps the same one) have obviously been sacrificed for the "good of science" by letting us peer in them and see how the coals are stacked.

Is this kind of treatment of Kettle's common? Do we need to form an activist group?

On the other hand - all of the pictures of the chimney starter in action show the chimney starter in pristine condition. Mine looked like that - until I lit my first fire in it. Before I even poured the coals out it showed obvious discoloration from the heat. Your photographer is promoting an unhealthy image for chimney starters. The one on page 13 with a bunch of fully lit coals looks like it's never been used before. If that's some new model chimney starter I'm not aware of, one that's made of Stainless Uranium or something - sign me up
Hey Ryan,

The cutaway kettle (just one) was something special that Weber did for the cookbook. I hope people enjoy the rare side view. Don't worry; there isn't a dangerous group of kettle cutters out there, but thanks for your concern.

As for the chimney starters, you wouldn't want to see a picture of the one I've used almost every day for three years. It works great but it doesn’t shine like the new one we used instead.