Hot water pot



My wife bought a 1lt Hamilton Beach pot about a year ago and I have enjoyed it, Makes a quick cup of tea possible and it you need hot water that is at the boiling point for a recipe it works great, no chance of a glass measuring cup blowing up in the microwave and lots faster than on the stove. not sure if we are just out dated and stuck in the old fashion mode lol. put water in push down the lever come back a couple minutes and lift it off the base, no cords attached to it. they make several sizes but this seems to work well for us, makes steeping tea easy for a gallon sized batch ymmv

Bob Bailey

They have been popular in the UK for a long time. Never saw one until our youngest daughter bought one after returning from Ireland. As you say, they are definitely convenient. Got the wife a 1.75 L model and she loves it. I usually don't drink tea, but it works for hot toddies too :) :)


The electric kettles work better on the 240v delivered in the UK. But, even here in the US on 120v, I still use ours fairly frequently. Apparently, I'm not like a lot of people, I'm pretty militant about water only. With the way ours is built, it's very difficult to clean out.

One other thing..... I have a strong preference for one with a base. Fill the kettle, put it on the base, push the button, wait for it to boil. Simply lift off the base, and no fumbling with cords anywhere.


15 years ago I was in Scotland for a couple of weeks travelling around with my daughter. Kept running into these hot pots at the hostels, and at private homes.
The 240v electrical supply in the UK makes fast work of boiling water.
As soon as we got back in the US I searched out one for home use. Gets daily use. 120v takes a little longer to a boil, but still quick.
I've gifted quite a few to friends over the years also, most recently to a 93 year old widow when I found she was making tea by boiling water in the microwave.

Jason Godard

Another option is a coffee maker with a heated water tank. Bunn makes quite a few.
Here’s one:

It is basically a coffee maker with a mini water heater built in. Fills the carafe in about 3 minutes with piping hot water.
we’ve been using one for 15 years, they last about 3 to 4 years, have a 3 year warranty, and Bunn is really good about it. While it is more expensive to buy and to power, the water is always hot and ready.