Home made chicken stock

James Lake

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I'm sure you old pros have been doing this for years, but this was new to me. For the first time last week I did a cook that call for boneless skinless chicken thighs. So I though why not just buy the chicken thighs with skin and bones and debone and remove the skin from the chicken, the price per pound is HUGE. Since I had all of the bones and skins and not wanting to waste anything we made a home made chicken stock. Very simple to do just google it. The other day my sweetheart made some chicken soup with the stock and can I just say WOW! The home made stock elevated this soup to a whole new level. So if you have never done this I would highly suggest it.

James Lake

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I never done it before. But do you just bring to a boil and that's it?
Tony, we threw in the chicken bones, the chicken skin, salt, peppercorn, onion, garlic, rosemary, chopped up celery and enough water to cover the chicken. We brought it to a boil and then took it down to a simmer for about 4 hour. The house smelled so good, after 4 hours we strained everything out, let it get to room temp, but it in a bottle and into the fridge. The fat will rise and you just spoon that off and the stock will be really thick. This was the money, not purchasing chicken stock anymore for sure. I'm sure you can do this my friend.
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John Solak

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You don't want to boil the stock, just a very slow simmer. I always add an onion, celery and carrots for flavor too and grill the chicken of course.

Pete in PG

You don't want to boil the stock, just a very slow simmer. I always add an onion, celery and carrots for flavor too and grill the chicken of course.
Hey John, me as well.

After leaving the friendly confines of SD many years ago, I kept getting the joneses for El Indio Chicken Burritos. They were kind enough to give that to me and I always make chicken stock when preparing that recipe. The homemade chicken stock is just fantastic! As are those knock off EI burritos.

John Sp

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James - welcome to the world of homemade stock. We save up our left over chicken bones and vegetable scraps and store them in the freezer. Basically if we peel an onion or carrot or trim the ends off of a celery stalk or asparagus, we put it in a ziplock in the freezer. If we cook a whole bird, the leftover carcass goes in another bag in the freezer. This becomes our 'stock kit'. About every four to six weeks we get all of that out, pop it in our largest stainless steel pot, cover it with water, add salt, bring it to a boil, and then cover and simmer for several hours (frequently overnight). We usually get about two gallons of stock which we freeze in plastic containers and in ice cube trays (once frozen the cubes are transferred to a freezer bag. We get much better stock than store bought essentially for free. If we want soup, we bring out a quart size container, and thaw it as the base for the soup. If we want to flavor a dish or make a sauce, the ice cubes come into play. We do something similar on a smaller scale for beef broth...



Mary Teal

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John SP, I do the same thing! Always have bags veggie ends in the freezer for making soup or stock.
I also freeze my chicken stock in a flat gallon size zip lock bag, and when frozen, I will slip the contents out of the zip lock and put it in a food saver bag...and put back in the freezer flat.

Todd Phillips

If you roast the bones etc. on a sheet pan for a while first the stock will be even better!
Interesting! Here's a good thanksgiving tip guys/girls. Make a fresh batch of chicken stock a few days before TG. Brine your turkey over night. About an hour before putting your bird on the kettle. Inject the hell out of it with your fresh batch of stock. You guy's can thank me that Friday:)

Carl H.

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A pressure cooker is a fantastic way to make chicken stock: lots quicker and the flavor is even better than the traditional simmer.