Hobbies? Besides Weber of course.

Green with envy. Do you see any wrecks on there??? I am out here on the West coast and we have fun roads, but not like that!
Seen a couple. One where a guy on a Harley missed his line and hit a truck just a few minutes ahead of me. Pretty bad.
golfing and cooking ((not only smoking and grilling). I do 95% of grocery shopping and 95 % of the cooking - and my wife locves it.
Bass fishing, and more bass fishing (retired and living in Florida) also driving my new toy. I also do most of the indoor cooking as well (it's like a hobby)

NRA shotgun and pistol Instructor. I'm the coach of the Youth Shotgun League at my gun club and instruct brand new lady shooters on our monthly Ladies Night. I occasionally even get to shoot myself! I also like to ride by Suzuki Burgman 650 and lastly, I'm a KCBS Contest Representative and CBJ.

Now that's a serious hobby, painful too I imagine. :D
Hobbies: Travel (lived in Germany for 9 years and vacationed in over 24 countries); photography; brewing my own beer, mead and cider sine 1994; archery, been playing guitar since 1971 (boy, are my fingers tired!); dabble in a bunch of others. I worked with Army weapons for a total of 37 years: maintenance (armorer, civilian repairer and inspector), training (civilians and soldiers) and acquisition (all Small Arms to M1 Abrams, mine dispensers and breacher, as well as Chemical Equipment. (I did 7 years active in Artillery). My last position was as an Equipment Specialist on the M109A6 Paladin (6 years)). Retired in 2010...at 55. ; ' )
I used to fish, camp, boat, golf, and travel but SWMBO's medical condition has us sticking closer to home these daze. Good thing I love to cook -- both indoors and outdoors especially BBQ, pizza, and Mexican foods. I also enjoy home brewing beer and taking care of my little bit of earth on my tractor.