HM protection from rain


Tony L-Iowa

While in another conversation I thought about this topic and decided to break it out into a new thread. Curious what everyone does for HM rain protection and possible options that might exist out there to spray/coat the electronics post-build. I'm seeing newer phones these days are coming with water-proofing for up to 30 minutes. This got me wondering if there's a spray or dip that we can drop our HM units into for protecting them from rainstorms?

Whenever I am smoking and currently see any chance of rain in the forecast I toss my entire unit into a tupperware container that I cut some slots into near the lid for the cables. Then I pop on the lid and have full protection.

Len M.

TVWBB Member
I use something similar to the tupperware solution only a bit better. Also use it as a storage box for all my HM parts, probes, etc. Also works nice as a sunshade for hot afternoon cooks in the AZ sun.

Sockit Box Video on YouTube

John Bostwick

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I dont really worry about it. I KISS it

I lived in Chicago(until 2016) and have used a Heatermeter/linkmeter since it started and I have yet had one stop working for a weather related issue. Just a simple Ziplock bag, or even saranwrap works or anything that can cover it. I have done it all