HM 4.2.4 3D Printed Case


Tom Kole

Here is the newest release of the Heatermeter 3D printed case to complement the 4.2.4 boards. We've tried to push the design forward to parallel some of the tremendous progress that Bryan has made with the new boards. This case went through many behind the scenes revisions and we must thank Bryan for all of his help with protoype testing as well as John Bostwick for his feedback.


This case is by far the most form fitting that we've designed and were able to coordinate a couple of screws that pass directly through the HM board allowing us to significantly reduce the dimensions. We were also able to shave a good 25% off of the height with this case now measuring only 29 mm. This means that the case now uses M3 x 25 mm screws.


The thermocouple jack is embossed with a polarity indicator...


...and the servo/fan jack is marked with a triangle to try and prevent accidental plugging into the Rpi LAN connection.


The bottom of the case features an SD card support so that there are no accidental disconnections when dropping the device.


The new LCD mount is designed so that the LCD press fits into the top of the case and is surrounded by a chamferred bezel that leaves a slight amount of the natural LCD bezel visible, creating a little extra contrast in the case. Supports were also added in various bare spots over the board for added stability (thanks John!).

We hope you all enjoy the new version and will update this thread with revisions as we make them. The thermocouple RpiB version files have been posted and will soon be followed by an all thermistor probe and RpiA versions.

Source files

The source files were created in autodesk Inventor fusion and can be found here. If you don't have a 3D printer you can PM me to have one printed. Available colors are: black, red, silver, orange, blue, or green. The current price is $25 + $5 shipping.

This case requires that the rca jack on the rpi be removed so that the boards come into maximum contact. The unit of measure for the .stl files is in mm and the LEDs should be mounted so that the top of the LEDs are positioned about 1mm above the top of the LCD.

Note from Moderator: I support the sale of HeaterMeter cases as a way to help support this cool DIY project, with the understanding that it's a grassroots, community-based service and not for profit. I consider it an exception to the TVWBB Terms of Service that prohibits members from promoting, soliciting or selling on behalf of their own business, product, blog, website, event, etc.
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I don't know if anyone else loves the Raspberry Pi Model A as much as I do, but reporting back that the A-sized case works too (in Lime-A-Rita color which I thought would be less neon)

I'm not sure if you've got an A to test with yourself but there's plenty of room around the USB jack, in the ballpark of 2mm.

The little pillars inside on the top I had to sand down a little otherwise the case bulged slightly at the one closest to the LCD. My printer is bonkers though so take that with a grain of salt.