Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings (Bub City Barbecue)

Doug M

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I recently had awesome hickory smoked wings from Bub City barbecue in Chicago. While it’s possible the reason I enjoyed them so much is because I haven’t used hickory smoke wood in my WSM before, I would like to try and recreate them.


I also haven’t smoked chicken wings in my WSM before, so I wanted to seek some advice regarding proper technique or any recommendations for a good hickory smoked wings recipe.

Thanks all!


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How do you normally do wings?

I remember the first time I did them on my WSM (~2008), I don't recall the smoke wood but I remember they were tossed in teriyaki-hot sauce afterwards.

I'd cook them on the kettle or even in my gasser before the WSM, just because that's easy for me to get good results, but no reason you couldn't use the WSM. If you're set on using the WSM remove the water pan & I'd even set the fire ring & charcoal grate on top of where the bottom grate normally goes.

As for the recipe, I'd cook as hot as you can get it with a full chimney, then grill the wings direct, checking on them every 8-9 minutes. I'd probably hit them with S&P beforehand, & then toss in your favorite sauce.

Pecan is close to Hickory, & a lot of people swear by Pecan for chicken, you might want to try that too.

Many people here love the Vortex on their kettles for wings, I've done a few batches like that with good results.

Need some ideas on sauces? My favorites are Franks Hot redhot w/ another habanero sauce mixed in, along with a little garlic & onion powders. Teriyaki with habanero sauce & dried jalapenos with black pepper, sesame seeds, sesame oil (etc) mixed in, thickened with a small slurry of cornstarch & water while simmering for just few minutes.