Herecy!!! I know, but I made an electric WSM.....

I know this is an old thread, but still feels relevant. I built a smaller version of this using, coincidentally, the same hot plate and AMAZN that the OP used. On the first run the pellets caught on fire which melted the hotplate and the smoker hit 500+ degrees. The toxic black smoke tainted the summer sausage. That's what prompted me to a search that lead me here. I'm now building one using the other element with the door mod on a 22in WSM. I built a PID controller, although now I see the Auber and that would've been a lot easier. If I can't get the temps in the 22 I'll switch to a 240v oven element. I also have an older 18in WSM, but I like the room in the 22 and have the Cajun Bandit Stacker for it. If it doesn't offend the OP I'll post pics and the results in the next few days. I can tell you at this point the door mod on the 22 puts the element up too high to rest on the charcoal ring. For now I have a baking pan upside down on the ring and that provides enough height to rest the element. Cutting out two of the small vent holes would place the element perfectly on the charcoal grate, but I'm saving that option for after the proof of concept. I have the silicone cover for the 22, so that may also get my temps up if the 1500w element won't. My biggest question is do I need a drip pan or can the grease drip on the element? Thanks.
So how did the element work in your 22.5 WSM?
I’m a charcoal guy but I really like the idea and ease of temperature control. Great job on the conversion! 👍
Oh my, I have looking for this thread (wanting to smoke sausage in my 22.5) for a long time. Want to smoke my venison sausage using my WSM since I don’t have a large smoke anymore..

So how did the 1500 watt element work in the 22.5””

Just caught this thread, seems simple enough. Was looking around for a cheaper PID controller and came across this.

DIGITEN Digital Temperature Controller

Would something like that work? Also, are you just plugging the analog controller into the PID, and just turning the analog controller on at any temperature?