Hello from Vancouver


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Hello from Vancouver. I bought this 15 years ago in good shape and just restored it during the covid lockdown. From what I can tell it’s a 1998 Platinum series 3200. It doesn’t say series 1 or 2 so I’m assuming that means it’s a series 1. Two layers of flavorizer bars which I don’t believe they do anymore? I now find myself looking through craigslist for old Weber’s. Oh, oh.
Cheers. 4C7A51CD-2CD3-4DEA-996E-E33BF9A09B3C.jpeg162B0827-EAFE-4115-B5A8-93CE4E26EA66.jpegEAB25758-B4E5-4F38-97CF-B29CE39A6B5D.jpeg

J Grotz

Welcome to TVWBB! Nice work on that restoration. According to Weber.com/CA your model no. 231709 is a Platinum 1 3200 LP.

Edit: I believe this is your owner's manual: Platinum 3200 Series

And I'm sorry to tell you that you have contracted Weberitis. At this point there is no known treatment or cure. There isn't even any research being done on causes or treatments. We fellow suffers feel your pain.

Richard in NS

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Welcome Jon, from the east coast. Nice refurb. Once you start looking on Craigslist it is Weberitis for sure. 😆

Enjoy this forum, Richard.

Kevin L (NKY)

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Welcome Jon that is a great looking rehab for sure. That is also my favorite Weber Gas grill of the east / west burners along with the blue lid. Hope yo see you active on the site.


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Rob, the process started when the cross over tube connecting the 3 burners finally rusted out leaving my bbq useless. So, after the salmon went in the oven - which is a travesty in itself - I googled where to get the part and one thing led to another.... after I found all the information on this site, it was too late.....be careful out there.