Hello from Ontario Canada


J Elliott

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Hi everyone. Picked up a WSM 18.5 last week. I've done a couple of cooks pork picnic and an eye of the round. Very happy with results so far. So much to learn can't wait. My only regret is waiting 45 years to start smoking. Better late than never.
Welcome to the forum J Elliott. This is a great place to learn and to share. Don't forget, we love pictures here. And don't worry about stating late, I did't get my WSM until my early 60's. I have had Weber kettles of and on for years so technically have been smoking since we would often do our Thanksgiving turkeys on the kettles and always got great results. Now that is the only way I will do turkeys. You will love that great WSM. Once you get used to it you will find it easy to use and you will love the results. Good luck and welcome.
Welcome to the forum, your going to have lots of fun. Its a great place to share and ask questions, everyone is very helpful. Looking forward to seeing some cooks and don't forget the pics.