Hello from Louisiana


Paula Hays

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Hi all! Currently have a 22 Weber Kettle, a 14 & an 18” WSM. I do have 2 Lodge grills too. Am just starting out with the smokers and loving it so far. Think will get the most use out of the 14” because I’m not cooking for a family. Hope to learn some things from you pros. :)

Steve Hoch

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Hi Paula, welcome to the forum! I'm strictly a gas grill guy, but plenty of others here share your interest in the other types of grills.

Bob Bailey

Welcome Paula!
Check out the Virtual Weber Bullet (link above on the yellow ribbon) for lots of info on Smoky Mountain cookers.

Scott Smith

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I would recommend finding a nice safe dry place to store some of those grills and pick one or two to really get the hang of first. You have the equipment to do an awful lot of cooking but there is a unique skill set to using the WSM and kettle.


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Hi Paula, WELCOME!!!!!

It's great to have another female aboard. What is your favorite to grill? My DH does all the grilling, (and all the other cooking) I just supply the recipes. lol