HeaterMeter 4.3 - Blower issues



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First off, I want to thank Bryan for all this. I've built 3 HeaterMeters over the last several years but last week ended up buying a pre-soldered version (which is working awesome!!!). So, for my last 4.3 build, I noticed last week that the fan was not working as it should all the time. Basically, what's happening is on "voltage", it works but barely spins the fan. If I switch to "pulse", the fan goes full force and works great. I'm at a loss on what to look at to get "voltage" to work correctly. I'm comparing it to the 'new' Heatermeter so I know that fan is fine. On my old board it just won't kick in like the new ones does. Any help would be appreciated. If I can get this working like it should I'm going to give to a buddy of mine.

Thanks in advance.

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You can start by going into the LCD menu on the device itself and going into the diagnostics with the blower in Voltage mode at 100% output. Scroll right until you get to "Manual Mode" then HOLD left until the display switches to a bunch of numbers (Pit probe diagnostics). Release the left button once to see the blower diagnostics. The only number you're interested in here is FanXXX=YYYV, where the YYYV is how many volts it thinks it is putting out. At full power it should be 119-120. Hold the left button again to leave the diagnostic display. Check this at various fan outputs and see if it always thinks it is at 12V or something.

You can also check the feedback circuit to make sure everything is connected

Make sure pink is connected to pink, yellow to yellow, all three blues connected, and that the other end of the 22k resistor is connected to ground.


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Hey thanks for bringing this up Kevin and thanks for the diagnostic Bryan.

I had a similar thought after two cooks this week. Where my microdamper couldn't keep the temp up around 325 in my UDS. So I checked it out and was only getting 98 at "full power" but I was using a battery pack:


Turns out when I switched over to plug in power I was back up at 120 at "full power". So nothing wrong with Heatermeter but I suspect my battery power pack is not kicking out enough power.

So something else perhaps to check out if experiencing this.

I guess I need to find the battery pack recommendations. Also I want to get a cigarette adapter for car cooks.