Have you jumped on the USDA Prime meat bandwagon?

Chris Allingham

Staff member
We're seeing more and more USDA Prime meat at Costco and other locations. Are you jumping on that bandwagon in your grilling at home?

I notice in the NY steak recipe in the mini PDF of your book that there's no recommended meat grade. Is there a general recommendation in the book for USDA Choice or better? If not, why not?

Jamie Purviance

TVWBB Super Fan
Yes, I'm loving the Prime meat we can get at Costco and other locations. When my wife and I have friends over, that's usually what I buy. Prime steaks on the grill always satisfy, as long as you don't burn them. All that fat can cause some serious flare-ups if you not careful. For the books I assume most people are grilling USDA Choice. I suppose I could call for that specifically, but it is such a standard grade in supermarkets today. If you care enough to buy a cookbook, you probably care enough to avoid Select grade or lower.