Has Weber shown us a new accessory?



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So I’m sitting here scrolling through what’s in stock and not, and click on the Summit E6 and immediately am drawn to the cart...that sure looks like it’s a production-ready cart, with a handle eerily similar to the Summit S6 cart and those are absolutely Weber wheels....it’s even got some sort of a hook on the rear horizontal bar.

Well darn, that’s the cart. Maybe they just switched out wheels or something?

Got excited for nothing haha. Thanks, there’s not a Lowe’s anywhere close to me so never shop them
I purchased this one from Harbor Freight for $80 a few years ago and it's done me well even though it's made of some sort of plastique.
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Amazon has the same cart as the one in the first Pic, also avail with a stainless top.
Great place to check out tables is a restaurant supply store...they usually have varied assortment of stainless tables with industrial castors, etc.
Was able to acquire the Royal Gourmet dining cart that TimA posted, new, for cheap, on Feebay. It‘s rock- solid. I Weber-ized it by popping some Weber wheels on it which fit perfectly and it looks a 100% Authentic Weber accessory. The propane tank holder is superfluous and will install a paper towel holder, instead. Will attempt to upload a better pic. This was just a quickie from our cookout yesterday.


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Happy 4th of July, everyone!


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I like my royal gourmet cart - it's the same one Greg's showing above. I keep my ashbucket on the bottom shelf with my vortex ring. Top is plenty big for work surface. It's easy to roll and doesn't move around at all in the wind, it's also light enough to pick up and move around if you need to move it. It has a hook on the side to hold a propane tank if you want to do that (would be nice feature for a turkey fry situation. It's very similar in cost to the Nuuk model posted above, but the Nuuk is a little smaller (which might be good if you're a little space constrained

Here's an amazon link to the Royal Gourmet if you don't have a Lowes Nearby