Grilling Whole Fish

Richard Garcia

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Greetings from Costa Rica;

Last year I purchased a Weber 22" "Mastertouch" Grill, so, in grilling some fresh tuna steaks at what temperature do you take them off the grill before becoming to dry?

Also, what is the best size in weight to grill a whole Rockcod Fish?

I have four(4) of your Weber Grilling/BBQ Books with my favorite being "Weber's Charcoal Grilling, The Art of Cooking with Live Fire".
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Jamie Purviance

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Hi Richard!

Thanks for writing from Costa Rica. It sounds like life is good down there -- with fresh fish and nice charcoal grill.

Personally, I like tuna raw in the center, assuming it is fresh enough to eat that way. So I get the grill screaming hot with charcoal and sear each side for just 1-2 minutes per side. That give me a nice, bright band of raw fish through the middle of each steak. Fabulous.

I like grilling whole fish in the neighborhood of 1-1/2 to 2 pounds each. They roast on the grill (over indirect heat) long enough to pick up some glorious flavors and they are easy to move around the grill if you need to.

You and I agree on favorite Weber books. I go back to that charcoal book again and again. I'm glad to say that Weber fans put several recipes from that book in "Weber's Greatest Hits."