Grilled Garlic and Herb Shrimp


John Sp

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Hello All,

My son asked for grilled steaks for his birthday dinner last weekend. When I was shopping for supplies, I ran across fresh 20 count gulf shrimp in the store and decided to make it a surf and turf dinner. I grabbed a couple of pounds of the shrimp and a packet of garlic and herb dressing (rapidly becoming a favorite for marinating). I de-headed and peeled the shrimp (leaving the tails on). I used water soaked bamboo skewers to rack up six shrimp (two skewers to each rack). I marinated the shrimp in the garlic dressing for about an hour. I used EVOO and rice wine vinegar to prepare the dressing and added a little chopped fresh basil to kick up the flavor a bit. After the steaks were cooked and resting, I choked down the fire a bit and then grilled the shrimp racks over direct coals for 1.5 minutes per side.

The shrimp really stole the show this time. Since we are able to get fresh shrimp often in South Louisiana, I will be experimenting with other marinades going forward. Does anyone else have a favorite recipe for grilling shrimp?



I sometimes marinate the shrimp in a simple solution of chopped garlic, lemon juice, and evoo. I usually only marinate for about 30 minutes. Simple but very good.

I bought some 10/15 count shrimp and made grilled shrimp scampi. Marinated the shrimp in just a touch of Olive Oil to moisten, lots of garlic, and parsley. 30 before grilling I added worchestershire sauce. Right before I head out to the grill I add white wine and lemon juice with zest and salt and pepper. Skewered and cooked on a hardwood fire. I served them with white cheddar (polenta) grits. Hey John, who dat.
@John Sp I just made this recipe this evening on the Smokefire. It was easy and delicious - a perfect combination. I even used Gulf shrimp. There was one big difference though - my shrimp was frozen, but it was the best I could do in the northeast and still use shrimp caught in the USA.