Grill Out Times: Volume 03 Issue 1 - Winter 1997


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Grill Out Times: Volume 3 Issue 1 - Winter 1997

In this issue:

  • Hot Stuff! Mike announces the premier of the World Wide Weber site on the Internet! The URL was and GOT readers could preview the site March 1-7 with a login. The Weber homepage was designed to look like a restaurant menu. Oh, how I miss those bad website designs in the early days of the Web!
  • Announcing the Platinum Series II gas grill "with stylish profile and pinstriped lid". MSRP for the Platinum 3400 model is $1,500.
  • "Grilling guru" Betty Hughes answers questions about food sticking to cooking grates, tips for searing steaks to "seal in the juices" (bad Betty, I guess she wasn't perfect after all), and a plug for the Grill-Line phone number for all your grilling questions April 1 to September 1.
  • Recipes for three-pepper steak, stuffed baked potatoes, lemony green beans, and raspberry cobbler.
  • Customer Service Manager Barbara Cann answers questions about how to find a local Weber dealer using the new World Wide Weber, and troubleshoots a gas grill that sometimes doesn't get hot enough.
  • Introducing the new Summit gas grill line. Includes a beautiful photo of a six-burner Summit 650 in red with MSRP of $3,350.
I want to offer a big TVWBB thank you to Andy for providing this issue for our collection.